Know The Holistic Approach Of Physical Wellness

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Success tips for Physical wellness is a long chart to follow. Just a disease-free, medically checked health report does not make a complete health makeover. High level wellness depends on self-care, good habits and appropriate use of medical systems.

Accept it or not, most of us dont necessarily care for natural health build ups. We depend on medication and occasional doctor visits. This is not recommended at all.

Here is a brief on what we do in general, out of our ignorance. These are the areas, we usually get wrong.

1. Focusing only on gyms and hard exercise

2. Watching TV at a resting position for long hours

3. Doing home cleaning works by machines

4. Sitting long time at computer desk

5. Taking heavy meals and long hour sleep

6. Excessive intake of fat and fried foods

7. Sitting idle and doing nothing productive at home

All these are the parts of our everyday lifestyle, which needs immediate attention. People need behavioral changes in their regular activities. Proper exercise, balanced nutrition, essential supplements, social activities, organized lifestyle, etc. these are the pre-requisites of permanent physical wellness.

What are the benefits?

Gaining physical wellness is a journey or travel that you need to walk through out your life.

Holistic physical development

1. Encourages knowledge about food and nutrition

2. Discourages the use of tobacco, drugs and excessive alcohol consumption

3. Influence cardiovascular flexibility and grow immunity

4. Increase endurance, flexibility and physical strength

5. Make you aware of potential hazards and safety precautions

6. Reduce the frequency of illness, so less medical attention is required. It saves money.

7. Provide the benefits of looking good and complete emotional wellness.

8. Control self-determination, positive attitude and sense of direction

Now the most important aspect is How to improve physical wellness status?

Before one knows its simple steps, clear definition is necessary. Physical wellness is the ability to apply ones knowledge, motivation, determination, behavior, self-management, positive attitude, and inherent skills.

Following practices are beneficial for you:

1. Exercise at least three times a week and 30 minutes per session. Continue this without any compromise

2. If you are tired of using treadmills or dont feel going to the gym, join workout classes. A change will bring peace for you.

3. Walk whenever you get chance. Walking is a good form of exercise and can be done almost anywhere, anytime. This is great for lungs and hearts. You can also make a visit to playground or a local park. Why dont you use workout tools -Monkey bars, rope walls, and jungle gyms, etc.?

4. Make sure you have adequate sleep and peaceful nights

5. Always use seat belts and helmets while driving. Encourage others to do the same

6. Learn to identify early symptoms of illness

7. Listen to your body and help it in all way. The better you give it, better you will live it

8. Dont miss out your breakfast; it is the most important meal in a whole day. Chart out a plan for your complete meals. Eat small but try to make it frequent

9. Choose variety of healthy foods supplements. Give your body proper nutrition

10. Avoid smoking and prevent others to be passive smokers. Be selective while using fat, salt, sugar and alcohol

With all these necessary corrections, you can gain long lasting physical wellness.
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Know The Holistic Approach Of Physical Wellness

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This article was published on 2011/01/20